Dean's Message

The Deanship of Academic Development and quality of the various units and agencies to ensure quality and accreditation Tanmia participates through the strengthening of the principle of cooperation and participation with all university employees contribute to the academic and administrative quality through the completion of the required tasks according to the vision and aspirations of the senior management of the university.
The deanery has been keen to be commensurate with the tasks of its units with the aspiration of the whole developmental programs in the kingdom's Vision 2030, hence the establishment of the Professional Development Unit to provide quality programs for members of the teaching staff, each according to his specialization and work.
In order to achieve the competitive advantage of the university, oversees the deanship at King Khalid University Excellence Awards different  including contribute to strengthening the positive competitive spirit.
The deanery is committed to the follow-up to the key performance indicators for the university and provide the necessary reports and recommendations that would improve the educational and administrative process in the university to access the advanced centers between Saudi and international universities.
In the area of technical progress, the University has endeavored to build an integrated electronic program which would provide all information, data and statistics on the quality of decision makers and follow-up of the continuous improvement through follow-up panel.
The deanery is aware of the importance of the participation of the female element, therefore, the Agency was established by the dean of girls' colleges oversees the quality assurance and accreditation, development and training and documentation in the girls' colleges.
In conclusion, we ask God to help reconciliation for all, May Allaah send blessings and peace upon our Prophet Muhammad,
Dr. Abdul Aziz Bin Saeed Mohamed Al Hajri​