Advanced Quality and Accreditation in Higher Education Workshop Cardiff School of Education

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Maryam Alnahari
Acadamic Development and Quality Translator



      In its mission towards excellence, the Academic Development and Quality

      Deanship in King Khalid University organized a trip to Cardiff Wales,

      England, to attended two main quality workshops .The overall objective of

     the visit was to explore the Cardiff Metropolitan University strategies

     and methods in applying quality measurements and the reasons the

     Cardiff Metropolitan University is consistently qualified for accreditation as

     one of the top quality assured educational systems in England.

     The Academic Development and Quality deanship selected 30 participants

     from King Khalid University to attend two workshops on the topics of

     Strategic Planning and Quality Assurance in Higher Education, during which

      the participants were introduced to the techniques the Cardiff Metropolitan

      University followed and implemented in its educational system to reach

      the success it has today. The workshops included leadership examples

      and speakers among which were Peter Williams, CBE UWIC Govenor

      and former Chief executive of QAA and Gabriel Jezierski i-zone the Cardiff

     Metropolitan university manger. The Cardiff Metropolitan University

     impact on the Academic Development and Quality Deanship, built both the

     vision and confidence needed to achieve excellence in the field of

     quality and provided the steps needed towards international accreditation.