Hopes and Dreams


 After a successful fulfilling year, we are  Grateful for all the blessings and achievements, we claimed in the past year and we  welcome the new Hijri year 1438AH  in the hopes of an even  a better year .  On the starting point of this year our hopes and dreams grow towards achieving a society that stands strong against the changes and challenges of the world today, we thrive towards creating a safe peaceful society that condemns racism, terrorism and sectarian beliefs . This Year comes with great hope for our youth in taking a closer step towards achieving our 2030 vision and  vividly participating in  a diverse  prosperous economy . Our goal for this year to deliver this message to every school , institute , house hold and every media source  that will serve to achieve it and serve our country and religion .


  Dr. Hessa Almelwith

Vice dean of the Academic Development and Quality Deanship