Workshop of Quality and Accreditation in Higher Education in Turkey


الكاتب : 
Sarah Alateeg
translated by Maryam Alnahari


      Istanbul – the city of minarets and the heart of Turkey that beats with a mixture of Asian and European lifestyle- was the place chosen by the Academic Development and Quality Deanship in King Khalid University for one of its workshops in the field of quality and development. The Academic Development and Quality deanship selected 22 participants from the different branches of KKU to attend this workshop, which was on the topic of (Quality and Accreditation in Higher Education: Advance Level).


       The workshop was conducted by Dr. Mark Zelman, Research Associate at the Center for Formative Assessment, University of Manchester, and a senior consultant in the field of quality and development, who has paid many consulting visits to middle-eastern and non middle-eastern universities. The workshop which lasted for five successive days, took place in Cevahir Hotel in Sisli- an area located in the European part of Istanbul. The main objective of the workshop was to increase the awareness of the participants about the vital role that the academic centers of assessment and accreditation play to assure quality in the local and international educational systems and institutions. It has also shed light on the types of accreditation that these centers can offer and the basic criteria upon which the accreditation process is based. Dr. Mark illustrated his experience by some lively examples of some international educational institutions, either those which successfully got the accreditation, those which are still working to get it, or those which failed to get it. The workshop was full of activities, which gave the participants the chance to exchange their scientific experiences especially those related to the field of quality and development.


       On the final day of the workshop, his excellency Dr. Marzin Al- Shahrani- the rector of the Academic Development and Quality Deanship in KKU- had an opening meeting with the participants where he highlighted the important role that the selected participants can play in planting and activating the concepts of quality in the female colleges. The meeting was appreciated for the great impact it had on the participants.