Why Do We Evaluate and Employ Assessment?


الكاتب : 
Maryam Alnahari
The Deanship of Acadamic Development and Quality


The question of why we evaluate and employ assessment, is a question asked by both students and faculty members, but unless fully recognizing the role of these procedures the participation of these two parties is very difficulty. To understand the role of assessment and evaluation one must understand, that assessment and evaluation are used to foster student learning, such as identity and skill development. Putting the students well being as a priority assessment and evolution are methods of development and improvement that aim to provide students with the best possibilities. Assessment and evaluation are also used to improve the quality and affordability of programs and services, evaluating the sources, material and performance. The process examines the aspects that help provide an accessible program, that students can afford and be part and not limiting quality education to only those wealthy. Furthermore, assessment helps Student Affairs administrators develop effective university policies and procedures, contribute to strategic planning, and demonstrate to external constituents their commitment to continually change to meet various student development needs and learning styles.

In short, we use assessment and evaluation to determine and reinforce what we do well and improve what we do not, believing that quality in education is for everyone.