The functions and responsibilities of the Deanery:

1. The dissemination of the culture of quality between the university and holding seminars, meetings, workshops and conferences related to the academic quality assurance and accreditation.

2. Provision of manuals and materials support the contents of the standards and performance indicators are necessary for quality.

3. The establishment of an internal quality assurance system at the university level and faculties and departments.

4. Provide technical support and advice to all university units to ensure the quality and rehabilitation issues Academic Accreditation.

5. Contributing to the preparation and implementation of the strategic plan of the League.

6. Work to achieve the goals of the university strategy to ensure quality and the academic community.

7. The application and promotion of procedures at the university level.

8. Adoption of the follow-up to the academic and administrative performance quality indicators.

9. Help the university faculties and academic programs in the preparation and implementation of the plans of the self-assessment and self-study and update the requirements of the National Commission for Academic Accreditation &.

10. The development and adoption of different models of measurement and the opinion of the beneficiaries for the purpose of evaluating the quality of academic and administrative performance indicators and benefit from the results of the continued development of the university level the different units.

11. The study of the requirements and the level of satisfaction of the beneficiaries (internal and external) and benefit from them.

12. The establishment of professional relations community partnerships between the university and other institutions in the application of quality systems.

13. Raising proposals and initiatives that will raise the level of quality and performance.

14. The preparation of annual reports on development issues and quality to know quality levels within the university.

15. The preparation of annual reports on the activities and achievements of the DEANSHIP.

16. The representation of the university to external stakeholders on the nature, quality and academic accreditation &

17. The study of all referred to the Deanship of Development And Quality relationship.