Formulation of learning outcomes

A training workshop provided by the Deanship of Academic Development and Quality for faculty members in the girls' colleges at the university The Deanship of Academic Development and Quality has organized a training workshop on "the results of educational learning" for faculty members in the university faculties presented by Dr. Adel Taher, Advisor to the Deanship. In the training hall in the building of the central stands in the presence of 25 trainees from the faculty. The workshop was inaugurated by Dr. Abdulrahman Bateel, the supervisor of the development of the skills of faculty members at the Deanship. The aim was to provide participants with knowledge, skills and attitudes related to the formulation of learning outcomes in university education. The trainer presented a series of workshops and enrichment activities that won the interaction of participants and their partners. Dr. Abdul Rahman Patil concluded the workshop by thanking the participants for their interaction and enriching the meeting with the discussions.