On behalf of the university president Dr. Falleh Al Solamy the Academic Development and Quality held its Annual Excellence Award



The Academic Development and Quality deanship female section, held its annual excellence award ceremony in honor of the university outstanding faculty members , employees and students. The ceremony was opened by a supplication from the holy Quran followed by the Saudi national anthem and a welcoming speech by the vice dean of the academic development and quality deanship Dr.Hessa Al melweth, where she welcomed the university assistant rector Dr. Khalod Abu Melha and the university employees and students. In her speech Dr.Hessa Al melweth emphasized on the university mission in providing a positive motive environment that recognizes and appreciates its employees, the speech was concluded by expressing gratitude towards the university rector Dr. Falleh Al Sulmi on his support and to the university vice rector of quality Dr. Merzin Alshahrani on his effort and guidance and finally to the dean of the Academic Development and Quality deanship Dr. Abdulaziz Alhajri on his continues support, motivation and guidance.  The ceremony included a winer speech presented by Dr. Mastora Idris and a presentation of the achievements of one of the winners , and finally by handing out the awards to the winners .