program of rehabilitation of the internal references


King Khalid University inaugurated represented in the Deanship of Academic Development and quality of the program of rehabilitation of the Internal Auditor, from the University Access to rely full institutional and access some academic programs on international accreditation, which contributed to an increase in the League's aspiration toward the completion of the march through the rehabilitation of academic programs for the local and international levels, to oversee the implementation of the program of the University Agency for Development And Quality and the mayor, Academic Development And Quality.
The program is aimed at the rehabilitation of the participants with the knowledge, skills and practices required to contribute to the rehabilitation of the Academic Programs for accreditation, and follow-up to improve and develop the quality of the educational process.
The program will include the provision of one of the 10 directly and electronic training session for a total of (88) credit hours, development agents and quality faculty members and colleges, including the management of quality assurance and accreditation of the program, the targeted learning outcomes for programs and courses and performance indicators and comparison of reference and other training courses.
On his part, His Excellency Dr.Merzn Development And Quality university shahrani thanks and appreciation to His Excellency the Director of the university professor Dr. Faleh bin please God the peaceful support for rehabilitation of the internal auditor.
He also presented his Excellency Dean, Academic Development And Quality Dr. Abdulaziz al-Hajri, thanks and appreciation to His Excellency the Director of the university on the keenness and his support to the program, as well as to his excellency the Under-secretary of the university for the development and quality of follow-up and continued support for the success of the training programs provided by the dean.